You are here because you responded to a post on facebook, or a business card, for more information on workamping!

“Workamping” is defined as “working your way around the USA while living in and out of an RV.”  You can do it any way you want to, in any RV or mode of travel, working for salary, full time or part time, three days a week or 30 hours a week, it matters NOT how you do it or what you do it in, if you are “working a job” and living in a vehicle you are “work-camping!”

We have been hiring out as workampers now going on our fifth year and we LOVE it!  So much so I have enlisted as a “RVing Lifestyle Ambassador” with Workamper.com.

We will share a LOT of information to get you from the “Dreamer” stage to the “Workamper” stage.  Maybe you are already a seasoned camper with an RV; maybe you haven’t purchased one yet, but the interest to be a “Campground Host” is beckoning you to come “join the FUN!!!”

Stay tuned!!!  THIS SITE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION….but you can contact me anytime at:  scoutert38@gmail.com.

Author: workampingambassador151

I have worked as a Workamper since 2013, my wife Sandy joined me in 2015 along with our cat Tiki. We love workamping and get asked the same question over and over again; "how can I do it too?". The Lifestyle Workamping Ambassador seemed like the perfect fit for me; if you love what you are doing, do it to the best of your ability. As a Workamping Ambassador for Workamping.com I can share their materials with others and help them experience the wonderful and exciting field of "Workamping" which is defined as: "Working and living in a recreational vehicle as you travel across the USA."

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