You Didn’t Land Here by Mistake!

You have an interest in working and camping at the same time or you would not have clicked on my Blog page!  Right??  Admit it!!  You are here on PURPOSE!!!  Let’s see if I can help you find “purpose” in your PURPOSE!!!

Let’s tackle the first word: “WORKING” …. but wait, you want to “retire” or “exit the working roller-coaster.”  What if I told you that this “working” can be something that YOU control; when, where, how long, for how much, and ENJOY IT!!!

Let’s tackle the second word: “camping“, that is what you brought you here in the first place, the PURPOSE (interest) behind clicking on the link! What if I told you that the two word combined create a new (to you) RV’ing Lifestyle concept!  Working a job you choose, that you want to do, for a time or length that YOU specify, and where you select to live for a period of time.  And yes, you can be “RETIRED” and still work and enjoy it!!

You choose the duties: janitor, camp host, volunteer service, maintenance, shuttle driver, ranch hand, etc.

You select the time or length: one week, one month, three months, six months, a year, one project.  You select the option to return if all went well and you have that option. OR not!

You select where you want to live: close to the grandkids, close to mom, in a State Park, at an amusement park (as a concessionaire); a favorite state, a region of the USA (South during the winter, North during the summer).

Another aspect you can control to some degree is future income; do you want to donate your services to a worthy cause, OR do you have obligations that require that you make a certain amount to supplement your fixed income?

You can do the above as a “Workamper” and enjoy the freedom that it offers.  Did I also mention you can have FUN in the process!!!  The wife and I have been doing it now for five years and we love it! We have tried the “volunteer” or the equivalent of “swap for site and services”, and we now select only jobs that meet our financial needs.  We also try to make sure that we allow sufficient time between jobs to enjoy time with family and to get RV maintenance and repairs completed.

To be successful you need to KNOW what your needs are, what you require in funding, what you need in comfort.

Do your homework!

Do your research, and then put your plan into motion.

Do it with PURPOSE!

Any questions or comments please leave a comment!





Author: workampingambassador151

I have worked as a Workamper since 2013, my wife Sandy joined me in 2015 along with our cat Tiki. We love workamping and get asked the same question over and over again; "how can I do it too?". The Lifestyle Workamping Ambassador seemed like the perfect fit for me; if you love what you are doing, do it to the best of your ability. As a Workamping Ambassador for I can share their materials with others and help them experience the wonderful and exciting field of "Workamping" which is defined as: "Working and living in a recreational vehicle as you travel across the USA."

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