Workamping Opportunities!

“Workamping offers sometimes come to us unexptectedly!”

Workamping Offers often come to us at times unexpectedly!  What do you do when you have already committed to one owner and then another calls you with a better, more desirable offer or location?

Owners of RV Parks and Campground Managers contacting us directly!  These have been the most successful for us resulting in employment.  To enhance this experience we published a short advertisement in Workamper News and so far three job offers have resulted for this winter season!

We are excited!  One option was to work along the Oregon side of the Columbia River in a town called Boardman, OR.  The other was a location along the Pacific Ocean at the coastal town of Brookings, OR; both are excellent opportunities, but in order of receiving the jobs, we committed to the first.  It met all of our listed needs; Full Hook Up site (FHU), free cable with internet and WIFI, laundromat, swimming pool, hot tub spa, and other things like close to the Columbia River for fishing! All in exchange for 30 hours work PLUS a salary!

Now if you commit to a job, in all ethical fairness, you should keep that commitment, even if the one sounds better.  The second call may offer more money, more time off, nicer amenities.  An employer quits searching in most cases when they tell you “you’re hired” or “we will expect you here on…”.  They committed, you committed, you ethically are obligated to the principle of “first come, first served.”

What is your thoughts on this?  Each has their pro’s and con’s, each their location benefits, etc.  Both offer many of the same amenities you NEED and DESIRE, wages about the same, and other possible similarities. Again, what are your thoughts?